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Are you tired of people telling you what to do? Now is the time to tell yourself what to do. To have a positive mental attitude, you must be more in tune with your needs and purpose. You must first learn who you are before you can understand where you are going. Certainty about yourself means certainly in your ability to create what you want in life. You must believe in yourself and your ability to take charge of your life and create what you want to be, do and have. 

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You Must Be Ready Not Only To Take Opportunities, But To Make Them. The Beginning Is Always TODAY. 



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Have You Signed Up for YES4Babies Yet?

Signing up for YEs4Babies is really easy and simple. All you have to do is head over to our Facebook page (YES youth Employment Solutions) and inbox your Name, Phone Number, Children Name, Number of Children being Service, and the Items Your Requesting. 

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Redirecting lives in Watts and Compton

   Mr. James P. Smith Founder/COO of  Y.E.S. Inc.,Youth Employment Solutions in 1994 created this innovative youth service program to provide education, job training ,employment, and leadership development to  young high school drop-outs aged 16-24  in Watts,and Compton California. 

 Known as "Mr. YouthBuild " , Mr. Smith is credited for bringing the national YouthBuild  USA Program to Watts ,Compton, Los Angeles  youth. 

His mantra of " Pull your pants up,get  some skills training , and get a job. ".is known throughout the inner city. Whomever,wherever, or whenever there is a chance ,Mr. Smith will highlight the issues that our inner city youth are facing and will stand up for them. 

In 1992  Mr. Smith was invited to the White House to discuss with First Lady Barbara Bush about the school drop-out crisis in America, especially  amongst African  American youth in  the inner city urban communities .

 In 2016 he also met presidential candidate  Hillary  Clinton to express his concerns about the disenfranchised, disillusioned, discouraged  urban youth.

After 24 years his Y.E.S. office is still housed in the city operated facility at the Bradley Milken Youth   Center in Watts. He continues to provide youth employment services , working with GAIN participants and Developmentally Disabled individuals who are willing and able to work independently on their own. 

 For more information about Y.E.S. call (310) 738-9096

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